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Treating People with Cancer through Nature

Thank you for your interest in natural healing of cancer and many other common yet seemingly baffling conditions. We have recently changed our name and website address and are actively revising our website to have more useful information that is easier to access. This also includes an offer for a FREE health evaluation and consultation with Dr. Schwengel.

We have stopped using IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy, or low-dose chemotherapy) in favor of using 100% natural medicines in our treatment programs. We find this to be completely safe and far more effective than any form of "fighting" cancer and other illnesses.  Patients do not have disrupt their lives by taking time out to travel to our clinic for several weeks of care - they can remain at home for the duration. Better yet - the cost of a natural medicine program of care is often tens of thousands of dollars lower!

Due to the type of healing program this is and the exceptional results it can offer Dr. Schwengel now practices exclusively under a private medical license issued by the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA). Your registration for our website will also include membership in the PMA. Registration and membership are always FREE, for life.

A BioScan™ Profile is an energetic test that helps determine which natural medicine products are likely to be of the highest value in a person’s program of care. It is the foundation of all our work. New members may have a no-charge BioScan™ Profile performed which includes scheduling a time to review the interpretation and recommendations with Dr. Schwengel. This is the best way to help you determine if a program of natural healing is right for you.

Having the BioScan™ Profile and a consultation with Dr. Schwengel is a FREE service. (A fee applies only if you choose to go ahead with our program of natural healing).

Registration/membership and instructions for how to have this test performed FREE at now available at: www.SimpleHealth.Life.

Yours in better health-

Dr. Charlie Schwengel
Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine
~ The Gentle Healing Power of Nature ~


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