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Nature has all the healing power we need to help us gently recover from serious illnesses - including cancer.

"Nothing is so Gentle as Great Power;

Nothing is so Powerful as Great Gentleness"



Looking through the eyes of Nutritional Medicine enables us to approach caring for our health and wellness with a much wider and more comprehensive view than that of "conventional medical wisdom". This allows a more dynamic understanding of our relationship with the natural world and how intimately connected we are with all of Nature. Let’s take a moment to consider some facts about cancer that may allow us to understand it differently and perhaps more completely.

We live in natural bodies, and the health we desire to maintain and enjoy can only come from natural sources. Cancer always begins as a transformation of the healthy tissues, organs and cells of the body. There is always a reason for it. Cancer does not occur at random. It is not an infection and we don’t "catch" it from anything.

The transformation from healthy cells to cancerous cells is a completely natural process!


Nature always strives to maintain balance. When Nature has caused our healthy organs to undergo a transformation to a cancerous condition, Nature has also provided a way to reverse this transformation and restore our health.

When we realize that Nature already has a mechanism in place for healing from cancer and that all we need to do is to learn to use it wisely, then we can let go of the idea that we must engage ourselves - all of our time, money and effort - in a "fight against cancer". To fight cancer is to fight Nature. There is no "fight" about healing - healing is always a gentle and natural process.


Here is some exciting new information from recent scientific research that is not yet widely known or accepted:

"Phytonutrients" are the active vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements and many other active components of plants and herbs that our bodies use as nutrition. Salvestrols represent that subset of phytonutrients that maturing plants use to defend themselves against the many forms of bacteria, viruses and fungi that may be naturally present in the soil that the plants are growing in. Each species of fruits, vegetables and herbs have their own brand of natural salvestrols. Medicinal herbs are particularly high in their salvestrol content.

Cancer cells have a special enzyme inside them that activates the salvestrols naturally present in whole foods and herbs. This enzyme is active in all cancer cells. When salvestrols become activated by this cancer-cell enzyme they become transformed into other chemicals that actually signal the cancer cells to go into a natural process called apoptosis ("apo-tosis" - the second "p" is silent). Apoptosis means the cancer cells undergo a rapid and orderly disassembling and recycling of their component parts, and they die off - quickly, efficiently and naturally!

This enzyme is present in all cancer cells! Healthy cells that are operating normally have a different set of enzymes that turn the same salvestrols into important and useful nutrients so the healthy cells are nourished and remain unharmed.

This is using nutrition to cause cancer cells to die off by apoptosis - a completely natural process!

This means that by using foods and herbs grown by Nature we can gently stimulate cancer cells to get rid of themselves. The body naturally cleans up the left-over residue. This is gentle yet powerful healing from cancer! There is no need for "fighting" cancer with dangerous drugs and procedures, and there are no harmful "side-effects".


Dr. Charlie Schwengel has developed a very powerful All-Natural Cancer Protocol for people desiring to recover from cancer using natural treatments and therapies.  This protocol is based on recent scientific research documenting that many of the natural components (salvestrols) found in raw herbs and whole foods have highly specific anti-cancer effects. This protocol is 100% natural, based on using high-quality supplements made from a wide variety of concentrated, organic herbs, whole raw foods and homeopathic medicines.

Dr. Schwengel's All-Natural Cancer Protocol has none of the common risks and side effects associated with conventional chemotherapy drugs, radiation and surgery. In addition to directly targeting cancer cells safely and completely, this protocol has many additional health benefits that are a natural result of using raw herbs.

Salvestrols represent the Gentle Healing Power of Nature. They are a fairly recent discovery in the world of natural foods and herbs. All of the herbal products used in Dr. Schwengel's protocol are extremely high in their natural salvestrol content .

Although the term "salvestrol" has only been recently put into use, there is nothing new about salvestrols. They have been present in natural foods and herbs since the beginning of life on the planet.

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